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Sea Turtle Nests Close to Record Highs This Year

Posted by Sam Haught on Oct 26, 2012 11:59:41 AM

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Although you won’t see loggerhead turtles at our Florida airboat rides, you may see some of their relatives around the swamp. Listed as a threatened species, the loggerhead turtle is showing signs of improvement with one of the highest counts of nests in Florida since monitoring began in 1989. An all time low was hit in 2007 with 28,074 nests, but this year the number have nests have more than doubled that with 58,172 nests.

Although they are still estimating the number of hatchlings that had left the nest and traveled into the ocean, the number of nests is a huge improvement since 2007. Tropical storm Debby had destroyed a number of nests in June, which would have made this the best year in 15 years. Green turtles and leatherbacks have also been seeing increased numbers, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The Loggerhead sea turtle makes Florida their prime spot for nesting, with over 90% of sea turtles nesting here in Florida. Although the number of nests have significantly increased over the past five years, these turtles still face a number of challenges. If you come across a notice on the beach signaling a loggerhead nest, it’s crucial to stay away from them otherwise their habitat can become increasingly disturbed, harmed or destroyed.

At our Florida airboat rides, you might see some of our native softshell turtles around our wetlands! Visit Wild Florida and enjoy our 100% development free Florida airboat rides. Book a tour with us online or call us at 407-901-2563.

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