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Posted by Wild Florida on May 14, 2012 6:16:37 AM

Next time you’re waiting for your Orlando airboat tours to begin or if you want some downtime after a tour, come explore our Wildlife Park. The Wild Florida Wildlife Park includes a Tortoise Exhibit, Bird Aviary, brand new Gator Platform, a beautiful Sightseeing Dock, Deer, Watusi and Zebra feedings, as well as live alligator demonstrations.

At our Tortoise Exhibit, take the opportunity to watch and pet some of these land-dwelling reptiles. The Bird Aviary houses multiple species of beautiful tropical birds you won’t want to miss out on. Take a chance and feed our gators at the all-new Gator Platform. White Tail Deer are native Floridians, so come feed them with us at our Wildlife Park in Orlando. If you’re looking to feed a more exotic animal, the Wild Florida Wildlife Park is home to some Zebras and Watusis that came all the way from Africa!

On your way down to the boats before your journey, travel through our 500 foot sightseeing dock and see what the swamp has in store for you. After your airboat tour, witness a thrilling hands-on live alligator demonstration. You will also have the opportunity to hold a real live alligator and document the experience! Give us a call at 407-957-3135 to visit our Wildlife Park and book one of our Orlando airboat tours today.

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