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Wild Florida bird-watching tips for beginners

Believe it or not, Central Florida is a much more naturally diverse destination than you might think. With all of the theme parks and attractions, its hard to think of Orlando as much of a natural vacation. Wildlife is nearly everywhere in Florida, making the Sunshine State the 3rd most ecologically diverse state next to Hawaii and California, and it’s no surprise that Florida is a bird-watchers paradise. If you’re just getting into bird-watching, here are a few tips that nature enthusiasts can keep in mind when viewing birds, whether you’re on an Everglades airboat tours, or you’re on a nature trail in Central Florida.

1. When you spot a bird, don’t spend time flipping through your bird book trying to identify it right away. It’s best to keep your eye on the bird and examine each of its features like its bill, size, markings, feeding habits, behavior, habitat and anything else that could be important to note.

2. Make an effort to listen to a birds’ call. If you can see the bird as it makes its call or song, this can help you associate the sounds with the bird. This is actually one of the best tools that you can use to identify a bird.

3. After determining the general size and shape of a bird, move onto the details of the birds’ head, like distinctive markings, stripes, patches, bill colors, bill shapes and curves, unique feathers, etc. Even the smallest detail can differentiate one bird from another.

4. Take a look at the birds’ body. Does it have a long or short tail? What is the shape of the tail? Check out the markings on the body, both when it flight and stationary. Are there unique markings on the wings or rest of the body? It’s all in the details!

5. Even on your Everglades airboat tours you can observe wading birds. Study the birds’ legs and try to determine of their feet are webbed or if they have talons. Are they long or short legs? What color are they?

Whether you’re bird-watching on Wild Florida’s Everglades airboat tours or you’re relaxing in your own backyard, these tips can help you start your bird-watching hobby. Our airboat rides will take you to prime wildlife viewing spots while showing you the pristine swamps and wetlands of Wild Florida. Call us today at 407-901-2563 to book a tour.