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Florida Wildlife Officials Designate Four More License-Free Fishing Days

Though you can’t fish at our Wild Florida’s air boat tours, Florida wildlife officials are designating four additional license-free fishing days across the state! Florida has already offered residents four license-free fishing days a year, and with the additional four, Florida residents and visitors have a total of eight days a year to enjoy fishing without a license.

The purpose of offering these days is to introduce and encourage more people to the sport of fishing. Earlier in the year, the FWC had saltwater fishing June 1st and September 1st, with freshwater fishing days occurring on April 6th and June 8th.

FWC commissioners agreed to hold additional saltwater license-free fishing October 12th and November 30th. Freshwater license-free fishing days will be November 29th and December 28th. Next year these days will fall on the same day of the week each year so you can plan your fishing trips in advance. Get your fishing poles ready for the remaining license-free fishing days this year!

The FWC sells annual saltwater and freshwater fishing licenses to residents for $17 each or $32.50 for a combination of the two. Non-residents pay $47 for each annual license, but three-day and seven-day licenses sell for less

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