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Why Wild Florida is the best Everglades airboat tour against the rest?

As a parent trying to fill your youngsters' free time with activities may be tricky. We want to make sure you get the most out of your money when planning activities and wanting to take your kiddos on the ultimate adventure. In Central Florida, the number of attractions is limitless, and the summer brings families from all over the world to your backyard, like the Florida Everglades. We’ve got you covered on what you need to know to choose the best Everglades airboat tour

Here at Wild Florida, we’ll keep your whole family smiling the entire day. You can avoid the big crowds, long lines, and high prices you see at other local attractions, all while having the ultimate Wild Florida adventure! But what truly sets us apart as the best Everglades airboat ride? Below, we’ll highlight some of the Wild Florida offers you won’t see anywhere else. 

Break up your day with some wild food!  

A delicious burger and crispy fries at Wild Florida

You may be able to take a photo with a gator at other local attractions, but not all of them have a BBQ restaurant with a gator on the menu. As you walk through the Gator Park, which you get free admission to with your Everglades airboat ride, your little ones may start to get a bit hungry. We have a BBQ restaurant with a pavilion-style outdoor setting overlooking the beautiful Lake Cypress. 

The Chomp House Grill offers plenty of food options for the entire family. Our Executive Chef ensures every meal is prepared to perfection. Choose from a fresh, juicy burger to tasty pork tacos, then pick up a sweet treat like ice cream or one of our signature desserts. 

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Wild adventure doesn't stop on an airboat 

A tourist feeds watermelon to a capybara at Wild Florida's Gator Park

After your airboat tour and a delicious meal, you can spend the next part of your day exploring the Gator Park! Wild Florida is the only airboat attraction where you and your family can walk alongside gators and hundreds of other species. If you are feeling extra brave, you can grab some animal feed and feed the goats, birds, and even the gators! 

For the ultimate experience, plan ahead and book an animal encounter. You can take the wildest photos with reptiles, porcupines, lemurs, sloths, and even capybaras! Our animal trainers will be right alongside you to educate you about the animals, and you might even learn a few of their enrichment commands. Hanging out with these animals makes for an unforgettable experience. 

With all there is to do here at Wild Florida, it’s best to book your airboat ride early so you have enough time to explore the whole park. If your family is looking for a more exclusive adventure. We offer custom private airboat tours for groups of four or more! Check the weather and plan for an action-packed day at Wild Florida this summer.

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