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How to Liven Up an Event in One Easy Step

Posted by Wild Florida on October 21,2014 09:40:AM

We understand the stress that comes along with planning an event. Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion, school function, or a work outing, there’s always the worry that your guests won’t enjoy themselves. Well, leave all your qualms at home because we have an idea for you that is sure to liven up any event you may be hosting. It’s something that can entertain people of all ages, and adds excitement and bit of adventure to your typical event, day or night. What is it? It is a gator handler!

Wild Florida has gator handlers for hire, meaning you can hire a person to show up at your event with their little friend- an alligator. These trained professionals can come to your home, office, convention center, school, and pretty much anywhere else and provide a hands-on experience your guests will never forget. Your event will be the talk of the town! Guests will have the opportunity to touch, hold, and pet the alligator with assistance from the gator handler. Feel free to take photos posing with the alligator to ensure you’ll remember this exciting occasion. The professional gator handler will be there to keep everyone safe, keep the alligator under control, and to teach guests interesting facts about the animal.

Groups of all sizes are welcome. Wild Florida offers various packages to meet the needs of your particular group given the number of people, location, and special occasion. We can provide an amazing venue also in our Cypress Ballroom or covered deck overlooking the swamp. Whether it’s day or night, we will make sure your guests have the time of their life! An alligator and its handler will transform any ordinary party or gathering into an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience. For more information about how you can hire a gator handler at your next event, call Jordan Munns at 407-922-5395 or email him at Jordan@wildfloridairboats.com. Also, book your Orlando airboat rides tickets directly on our website.