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New Additions: Fawns!

Wild Florida is extremely proud to announce the birth of two beautiful twin fawns that were born on May 23, 2012. These two little babies are the first White Tail Deer fawns born at Wild Florida's Orlando airboat tours, but we’re sure they won’t be the last!

The very next day (May 24th), another baby fawn was born! Three babies in two days, how lucky are we? We now have three doe, one buck, and three fawns for a grand total of seven White Tail Deer!

One doe (female deer) will usually have one to three fawns at a time in May or June. Though triplets aren’t common, twins are often found in the wild. The fawns have white spots on their coat that help them blend in with the forest. They will lose their spots by October, or within three to four months after birth. Once they lose their spots, they will grow a thick, brownish-gray coat to keep them warm in the winter time. They weigh from 4 to 8 pounds when born and can live up to 14 years!

Deer are just one of the many animals you’ll find at Wild Florida’s Gator Park in Orlando. To learn more about Florida wildlife or to see how you can see these adorable babies in person with our Orlando Airboat Tours, give Wild Florida a call today at (407)957-3135.