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Orlando Tourism Hits Record High For Third Year in a Row

Orlando has several different tourism attractions for those who travel extensive distances. You can go to Disney World, or if you’re not interested in waiting in long lines and dealing with crowds, visit Wild Florida for airboat rides fl and a wildlife experience. There are plenty of other attractions to experience in Central Florida as well.

Orlando accepted 57 million people in 2012, thus setting a third consecutive year high. The breakdown is as follows: 52.9 million United States visitors and an estimated 4.1 million international travelers. This is a 3.3% increase compared to 2011. These numbers were higher than anticipated for 2012, according to Visit Orlando.

This announcement was made at this year’s International Pow Wow, a tourism-based annual tradeshow and convention, often used for large announcements by those in the travel industry. The event took place in Last Vegas and is said to return to Orlando in 2015. There are several new attractions in Orlando to keep the interest of tour operators and trade representatives, including the new Downtown Disney and new retailers at the Outlets on International Drive.

Wild Florida is proud to be part of the expansive list of attractions located in or near Orlando, FL. If you’re interested in discovering undeveloped Florida, contact Wild Florida today to book an airboat ride. We also have other attractions to keep you busy all day such as an authentic Southern BBQ restaurant, Wildlife Park and a unique gift shop.