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Wild Florida bird-watching tips for beginners

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 11, 2013 5:40:36 AM

Believe it or not, Central Florida is a much more naturally diverse destination than you might think. With all of the theme parks and attractions, its hard to think of Orlando as much of a natural vacation. Wildlife is nearly everywhere in Florida, making the Sunshine State the 3rd most ecologically diverse state next to Hawaii and California, and it’s no surprise that Florida is a bird-watchers paradise. If you’re just getting into bird-watching, here are a few tips that nature enthusiasts can keep in mind when viewing birds, whether you’re on an Everglades airboat tours, or you’re on a.

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Central Florida’s Natural Attractions

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 9, 2013 4:19:14 AM

Summer is just around the corner, and in the Sunshine State, that means a whole lot of fun in the sun for Floridians and tourists! Millions of visitors from around the globe visit Florida for the beaches, amusement parks and endless number of activities. Although Orlando is known for its abundance of theme park attractions, there are many natural attractions that residents and visitors can enjoy, like Orlando airboat rides or natural state parks! Skip a day at the theme park and enjoy one of these natural Central Florida attractions.

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Pet Amnesty Day Events

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 7, 2013 4:11:32 AM

Pythons aren’t the only invasive species in Florida, though they have been garnering quite a bit of attention recently. Federal wildlife agencies have been continuing their efforts to control the population of many exotic species that have been threatening native wildlife for years, and pythons are only a small part of the problem. Though it is illegal to release non-native species into the wild, many pet owners break the rules when they can no longer, or no longer want to, take care of these exotic animals.

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Water Quality Questioned in Everglades Restoration Project

Posted by Wild Florida on Feb 27, 2013 11:31:57 AM

Although the restoration project in the works will help restore the flow of water to the Everglades, there is a question to whether the quality of water is meeting water quality standards. Unfortunately with the water quality not being up to standards, officials say they are unable to send the water into the Everglades. Officials are now creating a new plan that would benefit the Central Everglades by restoring the flow of water similar to more historic flows. At our Orlando airboat tours, we would love to see some progress closer to the Central Florida area.

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