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Vacation the Right Way: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

You’ve been to the waterparks, amusement parks, the malls, and shopping centers but you want more. Nothing has felt hands-on enough, authentic or enlightening enough. At Wild Florida, we understand this. We offer educational, informative, fun and interactive air boat tours. Explore our amazing wildlife park full of zebras, deer, water buffalo, emu, wild boar, alligators and more. You can visit where the alligators hang out, bird watch, or do a nature trail and see various animals’ habitats first hand. Every guest is given the opportunity to truly experience nature in its most natural setting.

Wild Florida is thirteen acres full of wetlands, a tropical bird aviary, hands-on alligator demonstrations, photo opportunities, a gift shop, a sightseeing dock and nature trails. Not only is Wild Florida owned and operated by people who understand the importance of the environment, the safety and care of the animals but a portionof proceeds from photos taken with an alligator goes towards saving the Florida Panther, one of the most endangered mammals on earth.

So avoid the long lines, the screaming children, the crowds, the nightmarish parking, over priced items and come to Wild Florida where we offer excellent air boat tours, chances to see various animals, guided fishing and hunting tips, Beautiful tropical bird aviary with hands on demonstrations, barbeque and more! We do not discriminate and everyone is welcome; scales, feathers, beaks and all. So come and out and join Wild Florida to make your memories today.