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Why birthday parties in Orlando should always include an airboat ride

Why birthday parties in Orlando should always include an airboat ride

Posted by Sam Haught on Oct 13, 2016 3:49:28 PM

Let's face it – every parent will always see their child as their "baby", no matter what birthday they're celebrating. So naturally, we all want to make their birthday the best day ever! We're picturing a day filled with laughs, loved ones and, of course... cake!

Brainstorming unique birthday parties in Orlando can be a challenge! Have you considered incorporating an Orlando airboat ride? Here are a few ways an airboat tour in Florida will raise the birthday party bar...

  • AirboatHair.jpgNo such thing as a bad view

With an Orlando airboat tour, you don't have to worry about kids complaining about bad seats like you might in a movie theater or at a play or sporting event, though we can't promise they won't argue over who gets to sit in the front row. Our airboats are able to carry about 12 people. And to ensure that everyone has a great view of the headwaters of the Everglades, the seats on the airboat are stacked like stadium seating!

  • Forget about using "inside voices"

What's worse, the act of trying to hush squealing children, or the look other parents are giving you as your kiddos make a bunch of noise? Well, on an airboat ride, despite how loud your party can probably get, their voices won't come close to the roar of the engine. And, besides, when you're zipping atop the water at 30 to 35 mph, it's hard to not to laugh or yell!

  • DSC_0455.jpgBetter animals than a piñata

We won't lie... Piñatas are fun. But when it comes to seeing a real life animal only a few feet away from you – well, the two just don't compare. One of the things you'll love most about your airboat ride is that you're out in the wild, exploring the real side of Florida. And with that comes all the wildlife that call Lake Cypress home!

  • Don't worry about your child running away

While we're all a little bit afraid of losing track of our children, it can be even more stressful when you have to look after other people's children. But on an airboat ride, there's no going anywhere. At least not without getting wet! With your party happening on a boat, you don't have to worry about a child running off without you seeing because they're confined to the safety of the airboat

  • A chance to interact with animals 

One of the perks we try to highlight with our airboat tickets is that, along with the airboat ride, your ticket gets you into our Gator and Wildlife Park. Our park is home to more than 200 animals, some that Floridians can find in their backyards, and many others from all around the world. And while you're walking through the park, you'll notice that you can either feed and pet some of the animals, or meet a few up close during our Exotic Animal Show.

Excited to spice up your next birthday party in Orlando? Well, what are you waiting for?! Click the link below to learn more about our airboat rides and what other special birthday elements you can add to your child's day. Hope to see you soon in the Middle of Nowhere!

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