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Wildlife Park

Rather than dealing with the hustle and bustle of a zoo, Wild Florida has its own Wildlife Park. After an airboat ride, if your family just isn’t ready for the excitement to end, Wild Florida offers a wildlife park at an extremely reasonable price. For adults the price is an additional $9.35 and for children $7.48.

Unlike a typical zoo, the Wildlife Park has a 500 ft dock that overlooks the swamp, creating an effect of being completely secluded in the wilderness. That alone is getting your monies worth! The Wildlife Park has many different species that you will not find at
your typical zoo. Wildlife Park is great for an adventure at the beginning of your day or a finale to the end of your airboat trip. Parents and children are receiving a whole wildlife experience without having to drive to an actual zoo and it is for a fraction of the price; try to beat that!

Wild Florida offers great airboat rides for the whole family as well as the wildlife park. All air boat tours can booked online with no hassle or long waits in line. Call today or visit our website to book an airboat ride today!