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Animals of the Everglades

There are many animals that inhabit the beautiful landscape of the Everglades. Here at Wild Florida, we put a lot of effort into making sure our Florida airboat rides are, far and above, an amazing, worthwhile experience. That’s why we definitely want our visitors to be able to encounter some of these creatures out in their natural environment in the headwaters of the Everglades.

The American Alligator, or “gator” for short, is one of the most iconic animals in the Everglades region. Female adult gators can grow up to ten feet long, and male gators can grow up to 15 feet. Of course, the alligators are definitely toward the top of the food chain in this region, and they eat fish, turtles, small mammals, birds and reptiles.

The Florida Panther, which is actually a subspecies of the cougar, is the state animal of Florida. Adult panthers often have a plain tan coat, while younger panthers have spots that tend to fade as they grow older. Females usually weigh up to 100 pounds, and males can weigh up to 160 pounds. Panthers often eat hares, mice, and waterfowl, as well as larger animals such as deer, wild boar and alligators.

Roseate Spoonbill is a friendly wading bird with a flat, round beak that resembles a spoon. They often have a greenish head and a pink body - similar to a flamingo. The roseate spoonbill feeds on crustaceans, aquatic insects, frogs, newts and smaller fish.

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