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Paddleboarding for Conservation Awareness

On June 1, 32-year-old paddleboarder Justin Riney set off to the heart of the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands for a five-month solo trip. Though we are entering the hottest, most humid season in Florida, as you might notice on your own airboat ride, Riney hopes to promote conservation awareness during his journey by live Tweeting, sharing photos through social media, and sharing stories in blogs.

In 2013, Riney undertook a different journey called Expedition Florida 500. During this trip, which was a celebration of the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s landing, Riney spent an entire year circumnavigating the peninsula, as well as exploring a number of the inland waterways throughout the state. Throughout this trip, he took on a number of adventurous activities with the support of a large team, including diving in shipwrecks, spearfishing, hosting beach cleanups, and sailing along the same pathways that the early explorers took. During his “Everglades Exile,” as he calls it, he once again hopes to inject the spirit of adventure into conservation so that people are not overwhelmed by politics when they think of protecting the ecosystem.

Justin decided to embark on this journey during the middle of the summer since it is the slow season for the Everglades National Park. Many locals vacation to the north or out of country to escape the heat and humidity of Florida. This time is also an active season for the wildlife of the Everglades, including alligators, snakes, insects, and sharks, among many other creatures. He hopes to get an up-close look at these animals in their natural habitats, undisturbed by other human presence.

Wild Florida is excited about this conservationist journey, and we wish Justin Riney the best of luck in his adventures. Education and first-hand interaction is the best way to truly understand conservation. You can get up close and personal with the wildlife of the Everglades on one of our airboat rides. Book your tour today on our website, or call (866) 532-7167 to learn more.

To follow Justin on his journey, “like” his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rineyranch