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The Everglades and Seasonal Change--Tourism, Animals, and Weather

Winter is coming! Well, actually, fall is coming, and seasonal changes in the Everglades have a unique effect on its native inhabitants and on those taking a Florida airboat ride. In the Everglades, there are only two recognized seasons: the wet season, and the dry season. Currently, we’re in the wet season, which lasts from May through November. During this time, the average temperature coasts around 90°F, with humidity soaring over 90%, and a head index surpassing 100°F.

Along with these temperatures comes heavy rainfall--these daily events have a significant effect on the landscape and the surrounding wildlife. The water levels rise and the animals disperse. Insects--like white walkers--come out in droves, especially mosquitos and biting flies, so remember your bug spray on your Florida airboat rides.

Because of their evolutionary adaptations, the Everglades wildlife has expertly adapted to handle these two harsh and drastically different seasons--mating, nesting, and feeding habits are all based on water levels. During the arid dry season, animals congregate around the central locations of water. Birds, for example, travel from around the world to breed and nest in the Freshwater Slough of the Everglades. Fishing for the birds is much easier during the dry season, as fish, insects, and crustaceans are more easily exposed. Once the dry season has sent its last hatchling off into the great big world, the wet season comes in and replenishes the food supply and environment.

While the wet season may sound like a bad time to visit the Everglades, it does have some advantages over the dry season. The wet season will present visitors with solitude from overly enthusiastic dry-season tourists. If you’re looking for an amazing adventure, available all year round, visit Wild Florida for Florida airboat rides.

Have you been on an Everglades airboat ride? Share your experience and photos with us--we’d love to see them.