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Face your fears: Ride an airboat at night in Orlando

Posted by Wild Florida on April 21,2015 02:59:PM

Ride an airboat at night in Orlando?

Not on your life, you say.

Isn’t that when alligators, raccoons, and other creatures of the night come out?

riding an airboat at night

Riding an airboat at night is definitely exhilarating and exciting, but we've come up with seven reasons to face your fears on an airboat and ride on into the night.

  1. Starry, starry night – It’s a Vincent Van Gogh painting and 1970s pop hit by Don McLean, but it’s also telling of what you can see in the night sky when out on a lake.

  2. Dark sky – It’s not just something that happens when night falls, but something you can experience when you are miles away from metropolitan population areas. Light pollution from these cities interferes with your ability to see the night sky.

  3. Lake Placid – We're talking about the 1999 horror movie and last we checked there have been no reports of 30-foot man-eating crocodiles in Florida’s lakes or one that can take down a helicopter.

  4. I see, you see – Have you ever been on the beach or walking in the woods in the dark? If you let your eyes adjust, you can actually see in the dark. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself.

  5. Hot, hot, hot – Florida summers run from April until November. With temperatures soaring into the 90s and humidity in the same range, riding an airboat at night can be a real break from the summer heat.

  6. Gators are night owls – You are more likely to see a greater number of alligators on a nighttime airboat ride than during the day, especially during the summer. Alligators like to hunt during the night and that is when they are most active.

  7. Night sounds – The loud sounds you will hear will be more than the roar of an airboat motor. When the captain stops, the symphony of sounds from the creatures of the night is truly something to behold.

Where can you ride an airboat at night in Orlando? At Wild Florida, of course. And when you are riding an airboat on a lake in the middle of nowhere, it is quite a wild ride!

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