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7 tips for an outdoor wedding in Florida... On the wild side!

Posted by Wild Florida on April 16,2015 05:56:PM

You want a June wedding in Florida and think it would be great to have it outdoors. Now what?

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There’s a lot to consider when planning an outdoor wedding, especially in Florida when late afternoon thundershowers are a summer ritual.

But, with a little extra planning and attention to details to ward off those hot days, your guests can keep their cool and your wedding will be one you remember instead of wished you could forget.

We've come up with 7 tips for an outdoor wedding in Florida...on the wild side.

  • Create comfortSimple things like bottles of water and other non-alcoholic drinks can keep your guests from feeling overheated.

  • Bugs be gone – Mosquitos and other insects don’t have to ruin your special day. Put out small bottles of insect repellant or wipes for your guests.

  • Made in the shade – Not everyone will think to be wearing sunglasses, so have some cheap pairs of shades on hand so your guests aren’t squinting during your ceremony or reception.

  • You scream, I screamNothing cools off a summer day – particularly those humid temperatures of Florida – like ice cream. A cone, a cup, or just about any form will do. And just think about the fun pictures you can get of your guests and yourself partaking in this sweet treat.

  • Let nature shineTake advantage of Florida’s bounty of plants and flowers by incorporating them into tables, in displays, and throughout the outside venue.

  • Make some fans – Turn your wedding program into a fan and your guests will thank you. We promise.
  • Dance, dance, dance – Fill a large container with flip flops so your guests can dance the afternoon or night away comfortably. Even those who don’t dance would welcome a break from those uncomfortable dress shoes.
If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding in Florida and don’t want to take any chances, you could find a venue with covered seating for the ceremony and an air-conditioned venue for the reception.

Check out the facilities Wild Florida has for an outdoor wedding on the wild side.


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