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Gator Popularity takes off, thanks to reality TV shows.

The popularity of alligator hunting has taken off in the past couple years. In Florida since 2009, Alligator tags given out have increased by over 2,000. Some of the residents admit to viewing some of the reality shows like; Swamp People, and Gator Boys, and then wanting to reproduce what they see. Unfortunately, the reality shows may have caused an increase in illegal hunting says one Florida gator hunter, “They watch it on TV and think hell, I can do that”.

Alligators were on their way to extinction in the 1950s and now have become one of the most regulated species on the planet. A lot of people think they can come down to Florida, buy a hunting license and shoot a gator. In reality you need an alligator hunting license, permission to hunt on the land you choose, and a tag from the Florida wildlife officials for each gator harvested. Any illegal poaching of alligators in the state of Florida will get you a third degree felony a fine and some time in jail.

Even though Florida may have a record alligator harvest this year, experts say the species is alive and well, and the hunting will not dent the population. Alligators breed at a high rate compared to some animals. Florida has an estimated 1.3 million alligators.

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