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Wild Florida Blog | Alligators

Fall Fun at Wild Florida: Join Us for Pumpkin Painting and More!

Posted by Sam Haught on Sep 28, 2023 4:36:26 PM

It’s time to get into all the fall fun, and what better way than a kid-friendly fall event in Orlando with pumpkin painting right here at Wild Florida! On October 14, you and your family can choose any pumpkin and we’ll provide all the utensils you need to create your pumpkin masterpiece!

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The Diet of the Florida Alligator: What Do Alligators Eat?

Posted by Sam Haught on Sep 21, 2023 11:49:53 AM

We've heard your questions using #AskTheExpert about airboat rides, so we're back again and eager to answer them!

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From Hatchlings to Giants: How big can a gator get?

Posted by Sam Haught on Jul 26, 2023 10:55:48 AM

The Sunshine State is known for its beaches, theme parks, and thriving population of Florida gators. These reptiles are an integral part of the state's ecosystem. Many international or out-of-state visitors wonder how big can a gator get and where they can witness them up close. On this blog, we’ll take you on a journey from their small beginnings as hatchlings to how massive these reptiles can become as adults. And, the best part is, you can take what you learn and see Florida gators right here inside our Wild Florida Gator Park.

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Get Close to a Florida Gator When You Visit our Drive-thru Safari Park

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 27, 2023 2:17:21 PM

Some visitors can spot a Florida gator close to lakes around town, but you and your family can see Florida’s scaliest animal up close from the safety and comfort of your car. Inside our Drive-thru Safari Park, you can start your journey with the Florida gator and continue to see over 150 native and exotic animals.

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