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Have you "herd" about our Drive-thru Safari Park

Posted by Wild Florida on January 7,2020 12:41:AM

You may have heard of Crusher, our celebrity North American alligator, or Guy, the selfie-loving two-toed sloth, but what about Watson the watusi or our new reticulated giraffe? After exploring your wild side on the waters of Lake Cypress during an airboat tour, buckle up for our wildest ride yet. Our Drive-thru Safari Park will take you from the swamps of Florida to continents around the world in just a one-hour tour. 


Explore the wild side of Florida in new ways

Millions of visitors travel to the Sunshine State for its year-long warm weather. And while it might be great to soak up all the heat and sunshine on the beach, Florida's heat can occasionally be brutally hot. Our Drive-thru Safari Park was created as a new way for you to experience and learn about Florida wildlife from the comfort of your own vehicle. But the adventure isn’t limited to your car, with each purchase of a Drive-thru Safari Park ticket you're granted free admission to our Gator Park for the day.

Observe more than 100 exotic and native animals roam free

The Drive-thru Safari Park showcases exotic African animals including watusi, zebra, eland antelope, wildebeest, and giraffe. As you drive through the wildlife park, you can also expect to see Florida wildlife such as white-tailed deer, native birds, and cracker cows, just to name a few! In addition to some of the local and exotic animals you’ll see during your drive, you'll be able to see animals native to North America as well, including but not limited to American bison, elk, mouflon sheep and other wildlife roaming throughout our Drive-thru Safari Park.

Get up close and personal with wild animals
Have you ever fed a nearly 2,000-pound, 20-foot tall wild animal? Well… here’s your chance! Within the Drive-thru Safari Park, you’ll be able to use our elevated platform to feed our reticulated giraffe. Climb atop the 20-foot platform and hand-feed this magnificent mammal that now calls Osceola County home. By choosing our Drive-thru Safari Park experience you’re able to enjoy getting up close to these amazing animals in a unique, exhilarating way.

We hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect while driving through our new wild animal safari excursion! Experience everything Wild Florida has to offer by purchasing one of our many adventure packages, and remember each adventure package includes admission to our Gator Park! Visit our social channels or wildfl.com for more information on the Drive-thru Safari Park!

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