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Hop Into Adventure: Wild Florida's First Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Wild Florida is excited to invite you and your family to a unique Easter celebration this month. Our First Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be full of excitement, education, and the natural beauty of Florida's wildlife. It's an adventure into the wild, where the thrill of an Easter egg hunt meets the wonders of nature. So get ready to make unforgettable memories with your little explorers when you sign up and hop to Wild Florida for this fun experience.

Event Details

    • Date & Time: On March 30th, the gates open at 8:30 AM, but check in by 8:15 AM to receive your bands, instructions, and unique Wild Florida Easter egg hunt bag. You are encouraged to bring an Easter Egg basket for your little one!
    • Capacity: To ensure a delightful experience, the hunt is limited to the first 50 kids to register using the form below.
    • Egg Limit: Each child can gather up to 10 eggs, each filled with surprises ranging from candy to vouchers for free barnyard cones, bird feeding sticks, and even gator feed bags.
    • Golden Eggs: Keep your eyes peeled for three golden eggs hidden among the rest, each containing four Drive-thru Safari Park tickets. To spread the joy, we're limiting it to one golden egg per family.
  • Special Offers:
    • Our Easter egg hunt is for children 12 years old and under. The child and one accompanying adult receive free entry to our Gator Park.
    • Additional adults or children can enjoy the Gator Park at a special rate of just $5 if they want to observe.

Wildlife Wonders Await

As you and your family quest for your batch of eggs through our Gator Park, be sure to say "hi" to some of our favorite friends along the way. Although no eggs will be hiding in our animal exhibits, you will have this unique opportunity to connect with nature. From Blizzard and Snowflake, our albino gators, to our Bird Aviary, filled with the most colorful creatures you've ever seen, this is not your ordinary Easter egg hunt. It's a chance to introduce your little ones to the beauty of the wild in a fun and engaging way.

Special Fun for Our Youngest Explorers

For families with toddlers and younger children, the Recreational Area is tailored just for you. Designed for children five and younger, it provides a safe and exciting environment for the littlest hunters to enjoy the fun. They can enjoy Easter-themed photo ops, picnic tables with coloring sheets, and more, making for a relaxed and joyful day out.

Join Us for a Day of Fun, Education, and Adventure

Our Wild Florida's Easter egg hunt is more than an event; it's an experience that blends the joy of Easter with the thrill of discovering nature. Spaces are limited, so secure your child's spot in the form below. We can't wait to welcome you and your family to Wild Florida for a day filled with discovery, laughter, and celebration. See you at the gates!


  • All easter eggs will be on the main pathway of our Gator Park up until our Gator Feeding Show.
  • No easter eggs will be in an animal exhibit or past a secondary safety fence of an enclousure.
  • Easter eggs may be placed up high, such as on the playground or a tree branch, or down low by our greenery.
  • All children must have adult supervision. 
  • Please discard all Easter eggs/Trash into the nearest trash can once your Easter egg hunt is complete. 

*Wild Florida's Easter Egg Hunt is fully booked.