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Manatees Invade! Cold Weather Drives Manatees to Three Sisters Springs

Posted by Wild Florida on February 6,2015 10:32:AM

The US Fish and Wildlife Service temporarily recently closed down Three Sisters Springs, which is a popular tourist waterway the first week in February when over 300 manatees swarmed the area. Tourists usually visit the area to swim and kayak. It is thought that the high concentration of manatees could be a result of habitats in other parts of Florida being lost, but it’s not highly unusual for the area.

During cold weather, manatees are also known to travel to warmer waters, which is why they also frequent the TECO power plant in Tampa Bay. “Because manatees don’t have any blubber to help them stay warm, they have to come into these warm water springs to stay warm,” Kimberly Sykes explained to the Business Insider. “If not, they could get cold-stress and die.”

Manatees, also known as sea cows, are large, fully aquatic mostly herbivorous marine mammals. They are currently protected as an endangered species, and they typically inhabit shallow, marshy coastal areas and rivers of the Carribean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. When enjoying an Orlando airboat ride with Wild Florida, you can often encounter manatees. There are manatees in other areas of the world including the West Indies, Amazone and West African.

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