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Osceola Turkeys: The coolest turkeys you’ll see at Wild Florida

At Wild Florida Airboat Tours and Gator Park, our mission is conserving the beauty of real, wild Florida and the animals that call this place home through educating the public about the importance of keeping Florida wild. There are a lot of cool things about Florida that make it unique. For example, we are the only state that is surrounded by water on three sides, there are more golf courses in our state than in any other, and Central Florida is the only home of the Osceola Turkey. Chances are, if you are not from Central Florida, you are not familiar with this subspecies of Wild Turkey in North America. Keep reading to learn more about these awesome turkeys! 

Check out these Osceola Turkey Quick Facts: 

  • The Osceola Turkey has a darker coloring than other species
  • Named after the famous Seminole Indian, Chief Osceola
  • They are the smallest out of all species of turkey

What do Osceola Turkeys look like? 

They have brown tipped tail coverts (the smaller feathers that cover the larger feathers) and dark brown tail feathers. The breast feathers usually have black tips, while the body feathers are an iridescence of red-green and bronze. 

What do Osceola Turkeys eat? 

They forage on grapes, blackberries, beechnuts, acorns and other types of grains, as well as small insects and amphibians on occasion. 

Where do Osceola Turkeys live? 

Making the swampland of Florida their home, they primarily inhabit the marshes, scrub patches of palmetto, and stands of flat pines and oaks. 

Can you see Osceola Turkeys at Wild Florida?

If you take a stroll through our Hawk Swamp, you may be able to spot a few of these birds in the marsh or sitting in the Cypress trees, but we recommend taking a skim across Lake Cypress with us for a US Coast Guard approved airboat tour. Here you have the opportunity to see these turkeys along the edges of the swamps. 

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While you are out scouting for Osceola Turkeys be sure to also check out our petting zoo to see tortoises and goats, visit our walk-in aviary to see and feed tropical birds and visit the gift shop for some sloth and gator souvenirs! Come take a wild walk with us to learn more about Florida native and exotic species!