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Recovering Wildlife Preserve in India Gives Hope of Recovery From Disasters

Recovering Wildlife Preserve in India Gives Hope of Recovery From Disasters

Posted by Wild Florida on Aug 14, 2013 5:05:10 AM

Recently in India, a once deserted and disregarded wildlife preserve has begun to show signs of improvement and recovery. The signs of recovery have been documented via cameras placed in various locations in the area to record the efforts. Among the various evidence that the area is recovering, the most interesting discovery are the new species in the reserve that have yet to be named by Zoological Survey of India.

The Zoological Survey of India was established in 1916 with the organization’s main point of emphasis being to study all of the various species of animals from the depths of the oceans all the way up to the highest peaks of mountains. The new species of animals that have been discovered are a crab eating mongoose, a yellow-throated marten, a Himalayan serow and hoary-bellied squirrel.

These discoveries go on to prove that the Earth is still more than capable of recovering itself from disasters. Animals and nature are both still proving their natural abilities to adapt to situations and environments which in turn allow their species to live on for many generations.

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