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Releasing Exotic Animal Species Can Have an Impact on Florida Wildlife

Here at Wild Florida our airboat tour and swamp is free of any development and contains 100% pure Florida wilderness. We want you to experience nature as it should be and understand and respect the importance of various animal's natural habitats. There are consequences that result from introducing animals to an environment they aren't native too. An exotic animal can dominate an environment, overrun the native species and get out of control. There is one animal in particular that is slithering it's way up Florida and wreaking havoc on the natural ecosystem. They can grow to twenty feet long, weigh up to two-hundred pounds, live up to twenty-five years, can hold their breath longer than an alligator (an alligator can stay submerged for an hour-and-a-half) and were once apart of the pet trade. If big enough, they can even eat an alligator. What is it? The Python snake.

The python has been present in South Florida since the 1960s (when people illegally released their pets) and has been steadily growing. As the exotic snake population has expanded, the native animals have decreased. This invasion drew national attention after Florida officials attempted a unique approach to try and decrease the python population. They invited hunters from across the United States to try their luck capturing pythons for cash prizes in the 2013 Python Challenge. Although a number of snakes were caught, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, or the FWC, knew it wasn't enough. The snakes that were collected were not killed but used for research.

There are various reasons this exotic species finds it's way to the Florida Everglades but a great deal of it has to do with improper pet care. If you own a pet snake make sure the container is structured well and appropriately sized. Often times these snakes are released when owners don't know how to take care of the animal anymore, and sometimes these animals escape due to a faulty cage. In order to protect our native animals, habitats and ecosystems we must take responsibility for any exotic animals in our care.

Never release an exotic species in a foreign environment.

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