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Rescued Florida Panther Released Into the Wild

Our Florida airboat tours take great pride in sponsoring the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge and the efforts taken to help improve the status of these beautiful animals. Recently, Florida Fish and Wildlife officials released a panther back into the wild after its mother was found dead in 2011. The panther was found as a five month old kitten with her brother, although the brother is not yet ready for release.

The panther was transported into a state forest where it leaped out into the wild, collared with a tracking device so the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee can keep on eye on her. Her size should be prepare her for life in the wild. Officials released the panther at Picayune Strand State Forest where there is an abundant amount of room between the ranges of other females panthers.

Florida panthers are one of the most endangered species on earth, with only about 100 to 160 left in the wild. Unfortunately 2012 was a deadly year for these creatures, and it could get worse as thousands of acres of roaming land continues to get destroyed. Our Florida airboat tours give guests the opportunity to give back to these animals by purchasing alligator pictures, where proceeds go to helping bring the Florida panther our of endangerment.

At Wild Florida, we offer guests the chance to experience natural Florida with our Florida airboat tours. By taking a photo with our gators, your proceeds can help support conservation efforts like the rescue of this panther. Call us today at 407-901-2563 to learn more about our airboat tours and to book yours today.