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Stella the Porcupine: A New Family Member at Wild Florida

Stella the Porcupine: A New Family Member at Wild Florida

Posted by Wild Florida on Apr 7, 2014 5:53:54 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.54.34 AMStella the Porcupine is the newest member of the Wild Florida family. Stella is a beautiful eight-month-old African Crested Porcupine. Wild Florida excitingly welcomes Stella into the family here in our very own Wildlife Park full of interesting animals. Many of the animals in our Wildlife Park are indigenous to Florida, but Stella, as well as some of other animals, find this environment to be a bit foreight. That’s why, here at Wild Florida, our goal is to help provide them with a comfortable, familiar environment for them to grow in.

The African-Crested Porcupine is the largest rodent in Africa. Did you know that the name “porcupine” comes from the Latin word “porcus” for pig and “spina” for spine, or more well known as the “spiny pig.” Porcupines, however, are not related to pigs. They primarily eat roots, tubers, bark and fallen fruit, but they also are known to cultivate root crops such as cassava, potatoes and carrots.

Stella has an average lifespan of about twenty years when she’s in captivity, and she can grow to be 30 inches tall, weighing around 44 pounds. Stella is extremely friendly and loves people.

If you’re interested in coming to visit Stella and the other animals that reside in the Wild Florida Wildlife Park, book a day online to come spend with us! Pair your Wildlife Park visit with an Everglades airboat ride through the headwaters of the Everglades. Don’t forget to spend time at the petting zoo portion of our Wildlife Park. You and your entire family can enjoy an authentic Southern lunch at our Barbecue restaurant, and finish the day with a trip to our gift shop for some souvenirs to bring home. Visit our website to book your day adventure at Wild Florida today.

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