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The Thrill of an Airboat and Orlando Airboat Tours!

If you’ve never been on Orlando airboat tours or are wondering what an airboat even is, you are missing out! Airboats have a variety of uses and work as both a recreational vehicle as well as a rescue vehicle! In this case, Orlando airboat rides take you through the swamps of the everglades to help you reach places you never thought you could unless you were an alligator!

Orlando airboat tours airboats are flat-bottomed vessels that are propelled by a very large caged fan that moves the boat in a forward motion. Thanks to the cage, it’s much easier to avoid branches, debris, and even animals from reaching the propeller. Due to their flat bottom, airboats can easily maneuver over even just a few inches of water! Some can even be driven over ice. These boats don’t have breaks, and in order to stop or slow down, the captain of the airboat must be skilled enough to reduce the throttle and to change courses.

These environmentally compatible modes of transportation can go where regular boats can not, typically in swampy, high vegetation areas where a normal boat might run aground. Orlando airboat tours give you the chance to take an excursion through places you would normally be unable to reach, and see plants and animals that are uncommon to some. Their popularity in Florida contributes to the increased interest in ecotourism and Everglades protection and are fun for everyone.

Our Orlando airboat tours at Wild Florida will never disappoint while we make every effort to make your airboat tour unique and exciting. Make us your destination on your next Central Florida vacation. Make sure you visit our wildlife park and take a photo with a live gator during a hands on demonstration! Check out our thrilling airboat tours today by calling us at 407-901-2563 or booking a tour online!