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Wading Birds of Wild Florida: Egrets

Wading Birds of Wild Florida: Egrets

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 23, 2013 12:21:33 PM

At our Orlando airboat rides at Wild Florida, there is no surprise to the abundance of wildlife you’ll encounter throughout our park. Some of our most popular residents, our wading birds, make the park an ideal location for bird watchers. Egrets are just one of the many wading birds you may come across, and believe it or not there are several different species that call our swamp home. Next time you visit Wild Florida, bring your camera and binoculars so you can start identifying the egret family!

Great Egret:

The Great Egret is a commonly distributed egret throughout the tropical regions, and warmer climates. It is a member of the heron family, like all egrets and feeds in shallow waters. Its diet consists mainly of fish, frogs, small reptiles, small mammals and insects. The Great Egret is actually the symbol of the National Audubon Society! They can be distinguished by their size, which is larger than other egrets, their all white plumage, black legs and yellow bill.

Cattle Egret:

These wading birds can often be seen accompanying cattle and they actually remove ticks and fleas from the cattle for food! They have shorter necks than many other egrets, and can be distinguished by their orange-ish crown, breast and back. Their bills are yellow and their legs and feet are greyish, and red flushed during breeding season.

Snowy Egret:

These egrets were once scarce and their plumes in demand by hunters who used them for women’s hats. They have since rebounded and are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Snowy egrets are small white herons with slim black bills, black legs and yellow feet while their plumage can have a shaggy effect during breeding.

Reddish Egret:

Reddish egrets are fairly distinguishable from afar due to their reddish-brown head and body. Their beak is pink with a black tip, and you can often see them running and hunting quite erratically in search for food. Unlike the rest of the hunters in the family, they are not slow moving! Believe it or not they actually have two morphs, the other being completely white, which was once thought of as a separate species.

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