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Is Jurassic Park an Actual Possibility?

Extinction is a term that suggests the ultimate ending of a species from the Earth, never to be seen existing again. Many people don’t often think about extinction until they hear it on the news, but it is a very real concept that some think go hand-in-hand with humans’ destructive ways. Scientists are now discussing the idea of de-extinction, the idea that we can bring back extinct species by using the DNA from the extinct animal and injecting it into an embryonic cell, then finding a surrogate to give birth. It’s an effort that can be a step towards reversing damage done to the environment and the species.

One thing that might come to mind with the de-extinction topic is the idea that we could create a real-life Jurassic Park! Unfortunately, dinosaurs have been dead far too long to be considered. One animal that has been considered though is the Woolly Mammoth, one among many species that are on the table to be resurrected. Many have claimed that bringing back extinct species can ultimately help conservation biologists preserve highly endangered species by increasing genetic diversity of smaller populations.

Although it sounds like a fun and interesting concept, some oppose de-extinction simply because we wouldn’t be focusing on preserving the populations that are nearly going extinct now. Several factors contribute to the extinction of animals each year, including habitat destruction, pollution and climate changes, and one of the only ways to avoid the elimination of endangered species is reducing the causes of extinction. Many claim that de-extinction would only contribute to a fraction of conservation efforts, though it would also be a scientifically amazing feat if it were to be accomplished!

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