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Wild Florida adds seven new alligators to their natural theme park in Orlando

Wild Florida Airboats, an airboat tour and alligator exhibit attraction, is pleased to announce that they have added seven new alligators to their natural theme park located in Kenansville, Florida. Residents and visitors to Orlando will be able to learn about and view these gators up close at Wild Florida’s nature preserve.

Wild Florida relocated seven monster alligators from a gator habitat near Okeechobee to their natural Florida theme park near Orlando, which includes 4,200 acres of protected swamps, marshes, and rivers that make up the headwaters of the Central Florida Everglades. Wild Florida Airboats has an agreement with the county, state, and Florida Wildlife Commission that enables them to relocate alligators.

“We have an active alligator farm permit that allows us to transfer gators in and out of our property,” says Ranier Munns, co-founder of Wild Florida. “The gators will nest and hatch babies this year, which should be exciting for our guests to witness.”While relocating the alligators, Wild Florida recorded a video of the process, which was featured on the Local 6 News earlier this month. To view Wild Florida’s “Gator Catching Video” visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bpuAD7Yw0o

Wild Florida is located in Kenansville, Florida, which is roughly 60 miles SSE of Orlando. The natural theme park was created to give tourists and locals the chance to experience an airboat eco tour and Florida wildlife attractions at the same location.

In addition to airboat rides and wildlife, Wild Florida offers guided fishing and hunting trips, a tropical bird aviary, a gift shop, real Florida barbeque, a 500 foot sightseeing dock, and alligator encounters.

About Wild Florida Airboats

When it comes to Central Florida airboat tours, there is simply no comparison to Wild Florida. Just a short drive from Orlando, the Disney area, the Space Coast, and the Orlando International Airport, Wild Florida offers the best of Orlando’s most sought after activities: airboat rides, alligators, wildlife and real Florida experience. Get an in depth look at the gators, birds, eagles, trees and plants that can be found in our beautiful wetlands. This is Natural Florida and Wild Florida at its best! We guarantee you won’t see any development, homes, or signs of human life. Come see for yourself how good it feels to be in the middle of nowhere.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! In addition to our incredible airboat rides, we offer, hands-on alligator demonstrations, tropical bird aviary, gift shop, 500 ft. sightseeing dock, exotic animal exhibits, and real Florida barbeque restaurant. Wild Florida is owned and operated by one of Florida’s pioneer families that know the meaning of southern hospitality. We are one of the only airboat companies in Central Florida that privately owns their property. Our facility is properly insured with a fleet of US Coast Guard approved boats and captains. Day or night, we are prepared to offer individual, family, group and corporate experiences you’ll never forget. And if you thought our airboat ride was fun during the day, you should see how WILD it is at night!