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Wild Encounters: The Thrills of Wild Florida’s Gator Park

Posted by Sam Haught on May 11,2015 03:33:PM


Experience the unspoiled beauty and captivating world of alligators. At our Wild Florida Gator Park, you can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. With Florida being home to over 1.3 million alligators, spotting one while you're in town is almost guaranteed. Despite the large population, alligator incidents are uncommon. There are only a few unprovoked bites reported yearly. This combination of wonder and safety makes Wild Florida an ideal destination for hands-on animal encounters.

A Journey Through Gator History

Not so long ago, the American alligator was a symbol of endangered wildlife. However, thanks to conservation efforts, their numbers have rebounded dramatically. While Louisiana leads with an estimated 2 million alligators, Florida is close behind. This makes our Gator Park a prime location for observing these creatures in their natural habitat.

A member of the croc squad feeds a crocodile at Wild florida's Gator Park

Myth-Busting: The Truth About Alligators

Here at Wild Florida, we're not just about observation but about education. Our expert Croc Squad is excited to debunk common myths about alligators:

  1. The Zigzag Myth: Contrary to popular belief, zigzagging won't save you from an alligator. These reptiles can reach speeds of 25 mph, so a straight, swift run is your best bet in a rare-case scenario.
  2. Size Exaggerations: The record for the most giant alligator is 19 feet, but most gators are at most 13 feet. Crusher, who calls Wild Florida home, is over 13 feet long.
  3. Lifespan Realities: While they don't usually live a century, alligators have a respectable lifespan. Most live 60 to 80 years in captivity and 35 to 50 years in the wild.
  4. Escape Artists: Believe it or not, alligators can climb fences! A height of 4.5 feet is recommended for keeping them at bay.
  5. The Pet Misconception: Baby alligators may appear cute, but they're wild animals and not meant for domestication. So even though Yeti is very adorable, he could not come home with you after your visit. 

A crocodile sticks its head out from the pool at Wild Florida

Wild Florida isn't just a Gator Park; it's also home to some of the best airboat tours in Florida. Glide through the headwaters of the Florida Everglades and experience the natural world's thrill of spotting alligators in their natural habitat. Our airboat tours offer a unique vantage point to appreciate the diverse ecosystems of Florida.

Take your adventure a step further with our animal encounters. Whether posing with a baby alligator or learning from our knowledgeable Croc Squad, our interactive experiences are safe and educational. Even better, with every airboat tour or animal encounter, our Gator Park is included with your booking. These adventures provide an outstanding opportunity to connect with wildlife, making your visit to Wild Florida unforgettable. 

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