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5 things you might've missed during your first trip to Wild Florida

For the past seven years, our mission at Wild Florida has been to provide an unforgettable Florida wildlife experience that promotes a connection with animals in the Everglades while inspiring education and conservation. Starting with airboat rides in Florida, we quickly expanded our Gator Park and brought guests even closer with some of our animals by providing interactive animal encounters. Despite the efforts of the best planners, there's bound to be a few things you weren't able to do when you visited us for the first time. We're exploring five things you might've missed during your first trip to Wild Florida and what you should add to your agenda when you visit us again.

group of young girls in front of the hawk swamp at wild florida

Hawk Swamp

If you head south from Orlando, passing the bustling cities and neighborhoods of Central Florida, you'll start to see the real side of Florida with its acres of rolling green grass mixed with swampy marshland. At Wild Florida, inside the Gator Park, you can see similar scenery by visiting our Hawk Swamp. Here, you'll escape the noise of the Florida airboat rides and Gator Park and walk through a section of marshland we've left preserved to allow guests to see Florida wildlife up close. Walking through the Hawk Swamp, you might come across some native Florida animals, such as raccoons, otters, red-shouldered hawks, rat snakes, and more!

Young man feeding a sloth in the animal encounters at Wild Florida

Animal Encounters

Just walking through the Gator Park, you and your family will be able to see over 200 animals that are native to Florida or found across the world. But, if you're just as big of an animal lover as we are, you'll want to get even closer. At Wild Florida, we offer animal encounters, where you can choose between interacting with our two-toed sloths, African crested porcupines, albino alligators, American alligators, or ring-tailed lemur families. The animal encounters last about 30 minutes and will allow you to pet, feed, and even take your own photos with the animals. (Can you say, next family holiday card?)

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Exotic Animal and Gator Feeding Show

If you're sure that your kids are the next Steve Irwin or Jane Goodall, you might consider taking them to our Exotic Animal Show and Gator Feeding Show. Both run a few times throughout the day. The exotic animal show will allow you to see some of Florida's wildlife, such as the opossum, rat snake, cane toad, and more in an up-close experience. During the Gator Feeding Show, you can witness the power of an alligator's tail and body as it projects itself straight up into the air to catch the food hung out in the middle of our Gator Pond.

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Gator Feeding and Fishing 

You're probably used to feeding cute, furry animals at zoos, but... are you brave enough to feed a scalier animal? Inside our Gator Pond, there are more than 100 freshwater crocodiles, alligators, and caimans that live together. Most of the time, you'll catch them sunbathing along the banks. If you want a closer look at them or their teeth, we offer two ways to see them up close. By either purchasing Gator Nuggets or going Gator Fishing, you or your little one can see how gators hunt and have the bragging rights to say you fed them.


Woman playing with small birds in bird aviary at Wild Florida

Bird Aviary and Petting Zoo

If your children are too young for one of our animal encounters, there are a few interactive animal activities they can still enjoy when you visit. Just after you walk into the Gator Park, there will be a petting zoo to your left and a bird aviary to your right. Both are family favorites that are fun for everyone of all ages and free to enter. However, if you want to take any bird or goat selfies when you're in there, there are some animal treats you can purchase to enhance your visit when you're inside. 

While this list includes things you may not have done, Orlando airboat rides are just as much fun the second time as they are the first time around! Ready to explore the rest of Wild Florida? Click the link below to book your adventure now! 


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