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Embarking on a sloth encounter in Florida offers a unique opportunity to interact with these gentle creatures in their habitat. At Wild Florida, not only can you get up close and personal with sloths, but you also have the chance to experience hands-on animal encounters that leave lasting memories. In this blog, we'll explore five things you might encounter during your sloth encounter at Wild Florida. 

1. Feeding Time with the Sloths

Imagine handing Guy or Ana some corn on the cob. Sloths enjoy a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and you'll have the chance to feed them during your visit. Their slow movement allows for a unique, up-close interaction. Watch in awe as they eat in various positions – upside down, curled up, or even hanging from a tree. It's a memorable moment for the entire family.

A sloth enjoys a treat while hanging upside down at Wild Florida


2. A Unique Textural Experience

Ever wonder how a sloth's fur feels? It's quite the experience! Unlike the soft or rough textures you might expect, sloth fur has a distinct feel, partly because it's not cleaned like domestic pets are. In the wild, sloth fur may develop algae, which aids in camouflage and can even be home to insects. 

3. Capture the Moment

A "slothie" – a selfie with a sloth – is a must. Bring your camera and take as many photos as possible during your sloth encounter. If you're struggling to capture the perfect moment, our animal trainers are more than willing to help. The opportunity to snap a picture with these incredible creatures is a highlight of this hands-on animal encounter in Florida.

A woman gets to pet a sloth at Wild Florida's Gator Park

4. Learn from the Experts

Our animal trainers are eager to educate guests about sloths and other Gator Park residents. This is your chance to ask questions and learn more about the fascinating world of sloths. The educational aspect of this encounter enriches the experience, making it more than just a visit; it's a learning opportunity.

5. Witness a Sloth Yawn

Sloths are known for their slow metabolism and leisurely pace. Observing a sloth yawn is almost guaranteed and a reminder of their relaxed lifestyle. In the safety of Wild Florida, sloths often sleep more than they would in the wild, providing visitors with adorable moments to witness and cherish.

Why Book Your Sloth Encounter at Wild Florida?

A sloth encounter at Wild Florida isn't just an activity; it's an experience! The chance to feed, touch, and learn about these remarkable animals in a setting that closely mimics their natural environment is unparalleled. Whether it's the hands-on interactions or the educational insights from our trainers, every moment is designed to be memorable.

But don’t let the adventure stop there! Your family can let their hair blow in the wind on an Everglades airboat ride or see the wildlife show in our Gator Park. There you can find even more animals to see and interact with. 

So, why wait? Book your sloth encounter at Wild Florida today and discover why everyone thinks our sloths – and the experience of meeting them – are truly exceptional.