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6 Common Mistakes People Make When Booking the Best Everglades Airboat Tours

No matter if you’ve lived in Central Florida your whole life or are visiting for your sixth time, you can always find something new to do in Orlando. Many families head to the theme parks and big-name attractions and you might be on the search to do something new this trip (or weekend). Check out some of the best Everglade airboat tours that are family-friendly and fun for all ages. This makes it the perfect adventure to do with your favorite crew. In this blog, we go over six of the most common mistakes people make when booking an airboat tour to help you avoid making them, too.   

Wild Florida's Airboat tour give visitors an incredible view of two adult alligators bathing in the sun.

Mistake #1: Not comparing airboat companies

When you do a quick Google search for the 'best Everglade airboat tours in Florida,' you'll see that the number of airboat companies is endless. While we all may be able to take you zipping across Florida's rivers and lakes, that doesn't mean you'll have the same experience with different airboat companies. 

It all depends on where you book your airboat tour. You may spend a full hour touring the Florida Everglades, or your one-hour airboat tour maybe 20 minutes of traveling to and from the Everglades with only 40 minutes of actual exploration. 

Wild Florida Tip: Make sure to look at the different Florida airboat tours' times and exactly where your tour will take place.

Mistake #2: Not checking the airboat company's website or social media channels for special discount offers

Like any other business, airboat companies may offer special deals to help relieve the stress on your wallet. A lot of people check discount sites like Groupon or a third-party ticket site to find any online coupon codes they can use to book their tour. The risk with this is that a lot of times, the coupons are no longer valid. Or, because of their low price, don't include everything you could've gotten if you had booked with the company. 

Wild Florida Tip:  Try going to the source - the airboat company's website or social media channels. There, you might find verified discounts or seasonal promotions that you can use during your visit.  

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A family enjoys the views of the Florida Everglades as they ride through on an airboat at Wild Florida

Mistake #3: Not investigating certain Everglades airboat tours adventure packages

As we mentioned earlier, where and who you book your airboat tour with can make a big difference on whether you have a five-star rated experience or not. There are plenty of airboat companies who can take you and your family on an airboat tour. Only a few offer adventure packages that save you money and increase the amount of fun you'll have during the best Everglades airboat tour around.

Wild Florida Tip:  Check out the airboat company's website to see if they have any adventure packages. You can also see what other attractions may be included in the package to see if they're a good fit for your plans.

Mistake #4: Not checking the 'recent reviews' left on Facebook, Yelp, or Google

With the help of the internet and social media, people are able to connect with strangers and businesses from all around the world in a few clicks. This may go without saying, but before you book any of the best Everglades airboat tours, you should always check the company's Facebook, Yelp, or Google reviews. Remember, though, sometimes the only reviews that show up are ones left from years ago, which may or may not be true now.

Wild Florida Tip:  When you visit Facebook, Yelp, and Google's review pages, make sure you filter the reviews by 'recent posts' to see the most recent reviews from visitors. 

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A couple enjoy the views of the Everglades on an airboat tour at Wild Florida

Mistake #5: Not asking about rescheduling and cancellation policies 

You don't have to be a resident of Florida to know how irregular the weather can be in the "Sunshine State." Your day can change from blazing hot to a monsoon in minutes, depending on what time of year you are visiting. 

For our expert airboat captains, this can be a headache, to say the least. Most companies will do their best to wait out or avoid a storm. For your safety, some airboat companies (like ourselves) will have to reschedule your tour. Or, in a worst-case scenario, you may need to cancel your tour altogether. Remember, this is because we put safety first.

Wild Florida Tip: Before you book your Everglades airboat tour, make sure to contact the airboat company directly. Ask them what their cancellation and rescheduling policies are to avoid any potential frustrations during your trip. 

Mistake #6: Not researching how far the location is from your house or hotel

With all that there is to do in the Sunshine State, it's challenging to find the "sweet spot" hotel that is near all the attractions you plan to visit. And unfortunately for some, they find out the hard way that they're actually two hours away from their airboat tour and don't have transportation to get there. 

Wild Florida Tip: Before you book your airboat tour, make sure to contact the airboat company and ask them if any of their airboat tour options include transportation. Or, see what local transportation options are available from your location to the airboat company. 

Now that you know what to look for and have done some research, are you ready to book your airboat tour? Once your tour is complete, be sure to check out our Gator Park, where the adventure doesn’t stop! You and your family can see wild and exotic animals up close like never before! The best part is Gator Park admission is included with your airboat tour! We can’t wait to see you on the water! 

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