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A Boost for the Florida Everglades

A Boost for the Florida Everglades

Posted by Wild Florida on Jul 13, 2012 9:23:43 AM

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The Florida Everglades is getting an $80 million boost in conservation efforts to benefit both nature and the people, a move that will greatly facilitate restoring and protecting the Everglades. The $80 million will add on to the nearly $1 billion that the construction projects and restoration initiatives have received in order to restore water flow and habitat to the Everglades. At our Orlando airboat rides, we hope to see significant improvements throughout the everglades and throughout the habitats of wildlife.

Currently, the projects have already created over 6,000 jobs and are expected to generate more. With the president making the restoration a priority, ranchers and conservationists will benefit from the investment in protecting their lands that are critical to the health of the Florida economy.

There are many ways the Everglades benefits Americans and their communities. Acting like a sponge, the Everglades provides storage of water in times of drought, and holds it in during floods. The natural habitat is additionally essential to filtering out nutrients that would be otherwise damaging to downstream areas. Rather than creating artificial infrastructures like ditches or dikes, restoring the Everglades is much more advantageous.

Experience the beautiful nature and fascinating wildlife of the Florida Everglades by visiting Wild Florida and taking one of our Orlando airboat rides. Our 4,200 nature preserve is located at the headwaters of the Everglades. Take an airboat ride through natural Florida and experience the wetlands firsthand. Schedule your own Orlando airboat ride by visiting our website or calling us today at 407-901-2563!

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