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5 things you might've missed during your first trip to Wild Florida

Posted by Sam Haught on Jun 9, 2017 3:32:22 PM

For the past seven years, our mission at Wild Florida has been to provide an unforgettable Everglades experience that promotes a connection with animals while inspiring education and conservation. Starting with our airboat ride adventures, we quickly expanded our Gator and Wildlife Park, adding on ranch buggy tours, and bringing guests even closer with some of our animals by providing interactive animal encounters. Despite the efforts of the best planners, there's bound to be a few things you weren't able to do when you visited us for the first time. We're exploring five things you might've missed during your first trip to Wild Florida and what you should add to your agenda when you visit us again.

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11 emojis you can use when you visit Wild Florida

Posted by Sam Haught on Nov 5, 2015 9:30:00 AM

It doesn't matter whether you're an Android or Apple user, it's safe to say that we all love to use emojis. Consider them the cherry on top of your status update sundae. So whether you're posting a photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, throw a filter on your photo and add any – or all – of these emojis when you visit Wild Florida! (Be sure to use our official hashtags, too: #WildFlorida and #iloveWF!)


Even before you arrive at Wild Florida, you'll find yourself surrounded by swamp and pastures, and oddly enough... cattle! Here in Osceola County, our ranching history runs deep. So when you visit, make sure to take a ride on one our ranch buggies! Not only will you learn about Osceola County's cattle industry history, you'll get to meet some cows up close!

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What can I do at Wild Florida? Eat, Buggy, Airboat, Repeat.

Posted by Sam Haught on Jun 16, 2015 9:52:00 AM

You can ride an airboat at Wild Florida morning, noon, or night, but there is so much more to being in the Middle of Nowhere! If you're asking yourself, "What can I do at Wild Florida?", look no further.

  • Foodies – The Chomp House Grill turns out some of the best barbecue around. Did you know we employ a full-time chef at our restaurant?

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A Boost for the Florida Everglades

Posted by Wild Florida on Jul 13, 2012 9:23:43 AM

Orlando Airboat Rides

The Florida Everglades is getting an $80 million boost in conservation efforts to benefit both nature and the people, a move that will greatly facilitate restoring and protecting the Everglades. The $80 million will add on to the nearly $1 billion that the construction projects and restoration initiatives have received in order to restore water flow and habitat to the Everglades. At our Orlando airboat rides, we hope to see significant improvements throughout the everglades and throughout the habitats of wildlife.

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