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Airboat Captain Appreciation!

Being a captain of Wild Florida’s Orlando airboat tours is a truly unique and exciting adventure, no matter what day of the week it is. Not only do they get to meet visitors from all over the world, but they get to experience firsthand the essence of wild Florida and the wildlife that makes natural Florida home. If you decide to take an airboat tour or to visit our wildlife park, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to our natural adventure.

Airboat captains strive to make every trip enjoyable, with every intention in making sure they can help visitors locate as much wildlife as possible throughout the park. Our captains navigate their way through the swamps looking for every opportunity to make the most out of their guests’ Orlando airboat tours. Finding alligators, birds and other wildlife around the swamp is what our captains enjoy the most. They take pride in finding gators gliding through the water looking for their next meal, or observing the wading birds strolling through the muddy waters during lunch time.

Our captains not only know where to find wildlife throughout the swamp, but they also have extensive knowledge and history about the area and they know the habits of local animals. Are you wondering about how long a gator’s eggs take to hatch? Perhaps you would like to know the eating habits of a bald eagle. Our Orlando airboat tour captains absolutely love the outdoors and the animals that we see around our swamp.

With years of airboat experience and an extensive knowledge of Florida, our captains make your airboating adventures just as exciting as you would imagine. Join our Orlando airboat tours to experience Central Florida’s most unique and exciting eco-tour. Call us today at 407-901-2563 to book a tour and escape from the everyday hustle of Orlando!