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Airboat lookout: Amphibians of the Everglades

While on an airboat with us, you’re bound to find many species flying, hanging, and crawling around our property. It's kind of a thing around here, being the Middle of Nowhere and all. We thought it may be fun to highlight some often forgotten pals of ours that are always in our park and around Lake Cypress: Amphibians.

Here’s one you might have seen while on one of our airboats. The Everglades Dwarf Siren (pictured below), like the name suggests, is native to and has only ever been found in the Florida Everglades. These salamanders are found in freshwater marshes and look like small eels. They have two feet but lack hind legs.

Everglades Dwarf Siren

You probably haven’t heard of this one before: the Peninsula Newt. While these are sometimes spotted around the Florida Everglades, they are more commonly found in the Florida Peninsula... hence the name! They’re usually dark olive, brown or black, and are about four inches long, half of that being tail.

Peninsula Newt

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And, of course, we can’t forget our faithful friends: frogs and toads. Every true Floridian is well-acquainted with these creatures since they're everywhere here in the Sunshine State. But, while there is only a chance you might see the Everglades Dwarf Siren and the Peninsula Newt on some trips, you are guaranteed to see all kinds of frogs and toads while on one of our Orlando airboat tours, or just wandering around our Gator and Wildlife Park; the Greenhouse Frog, Southern Toad, Oak Toad, Florida Cricket Frog, Green Treefrog... just to name a few.  


In one of our previous blog posts, we told you a bit of what we know about the features of amphibians of the Everglades. These little guys are often confused with reptiles, but are actually very different. These smooth, moist, interesting creatures make their home in one of the most beautiful places in Florida; the Florida Everglades. They’re all just waiting to be discovered by you... so come on out and start discovering them!

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