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Airboat Rides: What Everglades Fish You May See

When visiting Wild Florida for an airboat ride, it’s likely that you will happen upon a variety of fish that are indigenous to the Everglades region here in Florida. Although you will not be allowed to actively fish for in the waters by Wild Florida, you can learn a lot about the different fish that inhabit this area. Some of the most renowned fish in this region are the Bluegill, the Brown Bullhead, the Channel Catfish and the Great Barracuda.

The Bluegill. The Bluegill is a member of the sunfish family, and they are native the an expansive area of North America. The Bluegill tastes great, and they are a common fish that are easy to catch. The most notable feature of the Bluegill is the blue or black “ear”, and they can grow to up to 16 inches.

The Brown Bullhead. The Brown Bullhead also covers an expansive area of North America. They are a species of of bullhead catfish that is widely known as a “mud cat,” as they are opportunistic bottom-feeders.

The Channel Catfish. The Channel Catfish is North America’s more prominent catfish species. In the United States alone, over 8 million anglers target these catfish every year. They have grown in popularity in the United States and overseas for food, which makes them a high targeted fish.

The Great Barracuda. The Great Barracuda is a solitary predator found predominantly in Florida and the Caribbean. They are fearsome-looking and curious, as they swim through shallow waters and near reefs. The Great Barracuda can grow up to two meters in length. A fully grown Barracuda can weigh up to 50 kg.

Next time you’re planning a vacation at Wild Florida, take an airboat ride to explore the natural habitat of these fish, as well as the American Alligator. We promise it will be an experience you will not forget.