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Oprhaned Panther Released In January Gives Birth

Biologists working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have found a one month old kitten birthed by a panther that was raised as an orphan. The young adult panther was just released back into the wild in January, and the news of its cub birth is big news. As a contributor to the Friends of the Florida Panther refuge, our air boat tours is happy to hear the news.

The birth of the kitten is big news in Florida because there are only between 80 and 120 Florida panthers remaining in the wild. As the land available for these animals to roam decreases, so do their numbers, and more often we are seeing these cats roam onto developed land. In the 1980s, Florida panthers were nearly extinct, with less than twenty alive, with signs of inbreeding. Several issues with inbreeding include kinked tails, skeletal issues, and heart problems.

The mother had been staying confined to one area, indicating that she was staying close to the den where she was keeping her kitten. Biologists where able to track the adult, and wait until she had left to tag the kitten for identification.

Luckily, the kitten was evaluated and in good health, and was implanted with a transponder for tracking purposes. This news gives positive news to the recovery of this endangered species, and is an indication of the hard work involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of this majestic species.

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