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Chances are you will see a Florida alligator within 48 hours of being in the Sunshine State. There is also a chance you can be right next to an alligator and not even know it because of their camouflage tendencies. But the best way to see an alligator is on an airboat adventure at Wild Florida. You can let your hair blow in the wind, immerse yourself in the beautiful headwaters of the Florida Everglades, and see wild animals in their natural habitat. 

However, it's not as easy as saying meet at Lake Cypress at 1 p.m. and you will see it guaranteed. There are times when nature takes its course or the gators want to take a midday snooze. Sometimes, try as we might, our Master airboat captains aren’t always able to show off the wild alligators hanging out in Lake Cypress. Don't worry. In this blog, we will give you all the tips to help you spot an alligator in Orlando. 

A family enjoys an airboat tour at Wild Florida

Timing is everything 

Spotting alligators in Orlando can be quite challenging, especially during the scorching summer months. Unless you're an early bird or a night owl, catching a glimpse of these reptiles might be tricky. The prime windows for spotting alligators in Orlando are from March to May and September through November, making the upcoming months particularly opportune for encountering these fascinating creatures. 

Keep in mind that if rain interrupts your airboat wildlife adventure during these peak seasons, spotting an alligator in the wild may prove challenging. Much like the rest of us, alligators prefer sunny, mild days, so Orlando is the best area for them (and us too).

A family with young kids experience feeding alligators at Wild Florida

At our Gator Park 

Even if you don't see an alligator in the wild during an airboat ride, you are guaranteed to see alligators in our Gator Park at Wild Florida. There are three different places where you can see or interact with alligators at Wild Florida:

  • Gator Feeding Show – Our croc squad teaches you about different crocodilians and shows you some of the behaviors of our gators.
  • Gator Feeding Encounter – Go behind the scenes of the gator feeding show and get up close to gators as they chow down on their favorite foods. 
  • Gator Bridge and Platform – A walkway over the pond where more than 50 alligators live.

Each of the four alligator observation spots is designed with you in mind to see gators no matter what. They all vary in size, spanning from six feet to 13.5 feet in length. This focal point of our park lets gators live their lives and allows guests to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. 

We always hope you get to see an alligator in the wild when riding on an airboat adventure on Lake Cypress, but just in case you don’t, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the wild alligators that live in our Gator Park. The best part is if you reserve a spot on our airboat tour, you get admission to the Gator Park for free. Reserve today and we will see you on the water!