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Diary of an Airboater: How an Airboat Works

Diary of an Airboater: How an Airboat Works

Posted by Wild Florida on Aug 27, 2012 11:09:40 AM

Florida Airboat Rides

You can’t discover the wilderness of Wild Florida without the help of an airboat! If you’ve ever been on Florida airboat rides, you’ve probably ridden in a shiny airboat while experiencing nature first hand. These babies are born to glide through the swampy wetlands of the Everglades, and give you a thrilling adventure all while enjoying the natural wildlife of Florida. But how do these Florida airboats in fact work?

Most of us can picture what an airboat looks like. It’s basically a flat-bottomed boat with a giant enclosed propeller attached to the back, surrounded by a metal cage. The cage prevents anything from actually reaching the propeller, and potentially damaging the propeller or anything that it could come in contact with. The force of air produced by the fan-like propeller move the boat over water or even ice!

Steering is done by rudders attached to the back of the boat that steer the air pushed out by the fan, making the airboat move and turn in the direction you intend on going. Airboats do not have breaks, making it incapable of riding in reverse or stopping on a dime. Slowing down requires the driver of the boat to reduce the throttle; there is some skill to stopping and turning around which is dependent on the airboat captain! With the help of airboats, you can slowly move through swamps and wetlands, even in shallow water.

Airboats are the number one way of getting around the Everglades, and checking out the natural wildlife on our Florida airboat rides. See our wildlife close-up on our Florida airboat rides and experience one of the world’s most unique ecosystems, with an airboat ride, a visit to our wildlife park, and some down home Florida BBQ! Call Wild Florida today at 407-901-2563 to book your next visit!

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