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The Florida Everglades Restoration Project is Underway

The Florida Everglades Restoration Project is Underway

Posted by Wild Florida on Jan 18, 2013 4:43:30 AM

A canal restoration project that began construction in 2010 has successfully begun restoring the flow of freshwater to Florida Bay, an area that was lacking freshwater due to past drainage developments. There is finally some great news for the Everglades and the wildlife surrounding our Orlando airboat rides! The freshwater push will likely help restore the populations of wading birds that has been decreasing since freshwater in the area has been dwindling.

Efforts to drain the Everglades were implemented in the early 20th century because many thought that the swampy areas were essentially useless. The project also aims at preserving clean water in Everglades National Park and maintaining flood control for many Florida communities. One of the major steps to restoring the Everglades is providing the area with more abundant and cleaner water. Other restoration strategies involve:

  • Creating areas that will be used for stormwater treatment
  • Creating 110,000 acres of additional water storage
  • Restoring freshwater flow to Biscayne Bay
  • Increasing water flows through the central Everglades

The restoration projects will continue to gain momentum throughout the year, and the economic importance of tourism and conservation will be highlighted. The Florida bays are home to a variety of different species of aquatic animals like lobster, shrimp and snapper; it is an essential and valuable economic resource for the region.

Our Orlando airboat rides at Wild Florida help promote the conservation of wildlife and the Everglades, while providing our guests with a unique and exciting eco-tour. Call Wild Florida today at 407-901-2563 to book one of our Orlando airboat rides and experience natural Florida firsthand.

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