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There’s More To Florida Than Just Roller Coasters!

For many, Florida just seems like nothing more than a haven for theme parks, but the Sunshine State is much more than meets the eye! Granted, many vacationers enjoy the thrill of roller coasters and the sunny beaches, but did you know that Orlando offers some of the best airboat tours in the state? If you’re interested in experience Florida off the beaten path, why not check out Wild Florida? Here’s why!

1. When it comes to an airboat tour, Wild Florida has it all. Just a short drive from the theme parks, we offer beautiful airboat day tours, relaxing sunset tours, and awesome night tours! Traveling deep into the marshes and swamps of our park will have you experiencing Florida like never before.

2. Many airboat rides are situated in areas that are developed, but at Wild Florida, you won’t see any development or homes! You’ll be surprised at how relaxing it is being in the middle of nowhere, enjoying natural Florida at its finest.

3. You can get your picture taken with a gator. Yes, a live gator! What’s better is that when you purchase your gator photos, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge, a support organization that advocates for the endangered Florida Panther.

4. If you’d rather enjoy checking out animals on foot rather than on an airboat, we also have a wildlife park that’s home to a variety of animals. from zebras to gators, there’s an exhibit for everyone to enjoy. You can also take a walk down the Hawk Swamp boardwalk and through a pristine Florida swamp.

Wild Florida specializes in creating a breathtaking and unique airboat rides that are fun for everyone in your family! Experience Florida like never before by taking a trip through the everglades. Book a Florida airboat tour today by calling us at 407-901-2563 to experience an unforgettable tour.