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Water Quality Questioned in Everglades Restoration Project

Water Quality Questioned in Everglades Restoration Project

Posted by Wild Florida on Feb 27, 2013 11:31:57 AM
Updated on October 14, 2015

Although the restoration project in the works will help restore the flow of water to the Everglades, there is a question to whether the quality of water is meeting water quality standards. Unfortunately with the water quality not being up to standards, officials say they are unable to send the water into the Everglades. Officials are now creating a new plan that would benefit the Central Everglades by restoring the flow of water similar to more historic flows. At our Orlando airboat tours, we would love to see some progress closer to the Central Florida area.

The Everglades throughout our Orlando airboat tours and the whole of South Florida have decreased to about half its historical size, where natural flows have been cut off to provide room for farming and development. By removing some of the levees in place throughout the Central Florida Everglades, officials are hoping to restore natural flows to get water moving towards Everglades National Park.

The only problem with getting this water to the Everglades is that phosphorus, found in fertilizer and the natural decay of soil washed off of agricultural land, has added to the problem of pollution. With the changes in water flow to the Everglades, the team of Army Corps engineers working on the restoration project are evaluating the effects on water quality associated with the water flow.

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