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What to look for in reviews about the best Everglades airboat tours

Are you undecided on whether an airboat tour is right for your family? A good way to find out is from guests who’ve had a similar experience. Reviews can be found on Google or the company’s website, and most reviews are made by unpaid users, so you will get their most honest opinion. Not all airboat adventures are the same! So, we’re sharing which key factors to consider when reading reviews on the best Everglades airboat tours.

How was the overall quality of the tour? 

Whether it’s your first airboat tour or your one hundredth, you want to make sure the overall experience of the tour is a great one! Some things to look out for when looking at reviews for the best Everglades airboat tour are: smoothness of the ride, if the reviewer felt seasick, if the airboat captain interacted with the guests and educated them on the Everglades, and if they felt like they had enough time to see all the natural beauties. 

A family enjoys a day out on an airboat tour at Wild Florida

Did they see any animals? 

One of the best things about the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades is the diversity of the wildlife that call it home. No matter what time of the day it is, there should be creatures to see. While choosing your next airboat adventure, see if reviewers are commenting on how much wildlife they saw, if they couldn’t keep track of how many alligators they saw, or if their airboat captain pointed out the bald eagles hiding in the cypress trees? It’s important that the location you choose cares for animals and respects the environment so you can spot the most Florida wildlife during your ride through the swamp.

How was the weather? 

This is a key factor that no one really has control over; however, guests usually comment on the best time of year to go on an airboat adventure. Some prefer to go during the winter months when it’s cooler, and others say summer is a good time. It all depends on your preference. Be sure to check out if there are private night tours available for a different kind of airboat experience. 

#ProTip: Check the weather before booking the best Everglades airboat tour so you can be prepared in the right attire.

A child and parent enjoy an evening airboat tour at Wild Florida

Is an airboat ride safe for my child? 

When you have youngsters, you’re first concerned about their safety. For ease of mind, be sure to check out if their airboats and captains are certified by the U.S. Coast Guard or if your child may need to wear a life jacket. You can never be too safe before booking your tour. 

Does the Orlando airboat destination offer other amenities? 

Most airboat rides are 30 minutes or an hour, which means you have the rest of the day to explore. Keep your eye out for reviews about what else the airboat destination offers. Is there a place to eat? Or is park admission included with your tour where you can meet more animals? Are there any animal shows or a spot where you can feed the animals? Is there a gift shop? (Hello, souvenirs!) Some of the best Everglades airboat tours in Orlando even offer a package deal, including an airboat ride and entrance to their park!

Before you click away to book your airboat adventure, keep in mind what the star ratings are, but we don’t suggest deciding based on just that. Reading about previous guests' experiences gives you more of a true feel of what to expect. Usually, those who have had an awesome experience are eager to talk about it. The same goes for those who have had a bad experience. They’ll most likely explain what went wrong and why they weren’t happy (which may or may not be a reason that’s important to you and your family). So, don’t stress the star ratings as much as what guests really had to say.

We hope these tips help your family decide on the best Everglades airboat tour! Just keep them in mind before you click “reserve.” We hope to see you on one of our airboats at Wild Florida real soon! 

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