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White Alligators!

Though many of us this time of year are thinking of a white Christmas, have you ever heard of a white alligator? We haven’t spotted one during one of our Florida airboat rides because they’re extremely rare, with only 12 of them existing in the world!

Two types of “white” alligators exist: albino and leucistic. Unlike albino alligators, the proper name for a white alligator is leucistic because they still have some pigmentation in their tail and mouth and have blue eyes. A white alligator’s enemy is not the sun, but themselves! Because of the lack of melanin produced, which gives them their pigmentation, they‘d stick out like a sore thumb if spotted on an Florida airboat rides in the green and brown terrain of the Everglades, making them more vulnerable and nearly impossible for them to survive in the wild.

Albino alligators, on the other hand, are completely white with visible blood vessels, which give them their red eye color. Albinos are prone to abnormities such as crossed jaws and curved spines. They’re also very weak and most don’t live to their adulthood even when kept in captivity.

At Wild Florida, it may be extremely rare to spot a white or albino alligator, but the typical American alligator is anything but rare to see during our Florida airboat rides. Our airboat captains’ expert knowledge of the Everglades and airboats will help make your airboat ride a unique and exciting experience. Call us at 407-901-2563 to learn more about our airboat tours or book a tour online today!