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Urban Legend Alert: Do Giant Albino Alligators Inhabit the Sewers of New York City?

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Have you heard the urban legend that Florida Alligators may be living in the sewers of New York City? Here’s the story:

It was once popular among New Yorkers vacationing in Florida to bring back baby alligators for their children to raise as pets. These baby alligators eventually grew up and outlived their “cuteness”, at which point their desperate owners flushed them down the toilet to get rid of them.

Some of these hastily disposed-of creatures managed to survive and breed in the dank Manhattan sewer system, producing colonies of giant, albino alligators beneath the streets of New York City. Their descendants thrive down there in the sewer system to this day, completely hidden from human eyes, except for the occasional encounter with a NY sewer worker...

Of course this is an urban legend, but nevertheless, there have been countless investigations and attempts to find these “giant albino alligators” beneath New York City. The story was even documented in the 1959 book, The World Beneath the City.

In our experience, if you want to witness real Florida alligators, you don’t have to venture beneath NY to do this - just come to Orlando for an Orlando airboat ride! On an Orlando airboat ride, you will get to experience these amazing creatures up close and in their natural habitat.

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