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A Prosthetic Tail for an Alligator?

Prosthetic limbs are common among humans, but have you ever heard of an alligator having a prosthetic limb? In Phoenix, a 9 year old alligator named Mr. Stubs is receiving a new tail thanks to donations made to the Phoenix Herpetological Society. We don’t have any gators with prosthetic limbs at our Orlando airboat rides, but we love the idea of helping animals in need!

Mr. Stubs was likely a victim of another gator, and has lived without his limb for years. Gators are known to be cannibalistic, and unfortunately Mr. Stubs’ tail fell victim to another gators dinner. Without their tails, alligators are unlikely to swim, and in this case, Mr. Stubs can make a splash, but doesn’t move forward! He will grow larger, which means he will receive replacement tails throughout his lifetime.

Alligators also store food in their tail during winter, and without it, the gator can starve to death. The prosthetic tail will be water-friendly, and will help Mr. Stubs move a little quicker to get his dinner! Similar to the movie Dolphin Tale, Mr. Stubs will benefit from the same technology to help give this alligator a second chance.

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